Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Making things better.

So my teacher did a cool thing today with our class that he learned from the one and only Iain McCaig.  We started out with the idea of a human/lion fish hybrid (I decided he should work as a mailman).  The idea is, even if you don't know how to draw a lion fish, just draw what's in your head.  Sketch something out, whatever pops into your head.  That way you get the right feel to your drawing.  Then go back and study/draw from reference.  Once you've done that, go back and draw your character again with what you've learned.  It's pretty cool and shows that even if you think you have a good idea, it can get better.  I'm sure that if I were to put more time into this, my idea would only get cooler.  But thanks to time restraints this is what we were able to do.  And I got one of those cool pictures where you show the materials used along with the drawing.
Idea, reference, final.